Banned for Crown Manipulation


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Jun 24, 2022
Hi, ive reached out to several bhg moderators and not a single response so im gonna keep making this post and spreading it all over these forums till something is done. About half a year ago I was playing and they had 4x crown offers at the time. I completed one for raid shadow legends and you had to get to level 5 with a hero so I did that and recieved 28000 crowns (normally 7000) about a week or two after that I got banned and rolled back weeks worth of progress. I was then told my account was banned for crown manipulation when ive never once cheated on this game nor do i know how to. Ive made several attempts at contacting support and I get the same response every time and that their decision is final. If anyone is able to help me I would greatly appreciate it as I miss playing this game. My player name is PhantomIX7 on android.
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