Bugs we've grown up with


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Feb 4, 2018
Here is my pick of the most nagging bugs that have been with many of us for a while now. In all fairness, Nexon hasn't been idle - they have been working hard to bring us more bugs to make us forget about these. They've also tried telling you in their release notes that they fixed these bugs, hoping you would not bug them again. But to me, the following are classics and will not be forgotten until they're really fixed.

1) The Spinning Circle of Death
You see that circle spinning when you least expect. You know what's coming in the next few seconds. You know what it is NOT -- your network -- you know because you can do other things that involve the Internet. But there it comes, the Network Error. You consider yourself lucky if you're just hunting those deers. You curse when your entire army disappears during a raid, a raid that could have been the best loot of the day. You scream when it happens in the middle of a war battle. Your teammates join the scream right after. There was a time when Nexon compensated this condition with 300 crows, albeit educating you that you need the Internet to play the game. Nowadays, only the education part remains.

2) The Perennial Tactics Training
You queue up those tactics, tell your teammates that you will do your war hit soon after they train. You come back 30 minutes before war ends and, son of a *** ... you curse and throw crowns at your academy to finish the training. Yeah, why would Nexon fix a bug that makes you spend crowns?

3) The Backfiring Decoy
You are armed to the teeth with your favorite tactic, the decoy. You advise your teammates they should be using this, considering sabotage and protect are two slots now. You ask them to watch your great youtube videos on how to use the decoy. And then you enter the war battle with a badass opponent and throw a decoy, and .... The world freezes around you. Your troops move at snail pace. You lose control of the game and the game appears frozen. You watch in dismay as those field howitzers march out of TC and tear your troops apart. Your maxed out planes are eager to take them out, but your touch screen isn't working anymore. After several seconds or a minute, you regain control and things appear smooth. What's the point? Game over.

I've waited release after release, and nothing has changed. I've cleared cache, cleared data, cleared my bowels, uninstalled, reinstalled, nothing changed. And yet, every release, Nexon proudly notes that they fixed those misspelled words and minor UI glitches.

It looks like we're going to be living with these for a while. Let's at least have some fun. Go on, add your favorites!