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Challenge Arena


Mar 5, 2022
The idea is a place where individual players can go head-to-head, selecting from a randomized list, in essentially a solo war.

Where this would be different would be a Ante Feature, one where we can ante up resources, crowns, rubies, troop tactics, speed-ups, artifacts, legendary tokens and councillors.

--Player A makes themselves available for a Challenge, placing their ante on the line where it can be seen by anyone.
▪Have an option that players can set to only accept similar antes(oil/oil, speed-up/speed-up, TT/TT, etc) if they want it.

--Player B issues challenge, with own ante.

--Player A can accept or refuse.
▪If refused, there can be option to re-ante to make challenge acceptable
▪Limit number of re-ante attempts to 1 in order to prevent or limit spamming.
▪Limited time to accept Challenges, equal to Match length would probably be best.

-- Players can only Challenge once per Challenge Issue.
▪They can re-challenge a player, but will have to both wait for the player to make themselves available again and find them on a randomized list, similar to the find alliance option at the Gate.
▪The random match listing is to prevent or limit ability to abuse antes to trade between accounts or Alliance members. Alliance members can even be barred from Challenging each other if they run across each other.

--Once both parties accept, Challenge plays out like a War match, except:
▪No scouting period, but players can scout opposing base before Challenging and Accepting.
▪Being able to scout as in War, with Harriet Tubman research would better because of antes.
▪Shortened time to complete match. Say, 6 hours or something.

--Scoring is the same as a War.

For balancing on Challenges:
--Limited to your age and 25 levels within your own.
▪However, give players the option to toggle both of those off, but Challenging player cannot Challenge those lower aged.
▪Also, let us dictate the length of the Challenge. If we want to set a 5/10 minute timer on challenges, a player can see we're looking to rock 'n roll and not wait. Might need an online indicator to assist.
▪Able to set single/2 out of 3/etc wins would also be nice.
▪Being able to do Group Challenges (2v2, 3v3, or even stacked 1v2 and the like) would be interesting and a way to let smaller groups interact more.

If you want to make leaderboards about it or whatnot, you can, but if we have the antes, we don't need it. Added triumph to the seasonal leaderboards similar to a War match would be enough.

This seems fair to me, since both parties are aware up front, both of what the opposing player is offering and what they would be up against.

I realize this could cut into your current business model, but this is a feature I think will drive interest back into the game, which means more ad revenue. People will still purchase the things they really want that you offer. Overall, I believe this would be a net gain for both your company and the players
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