Chat bugs 2.0?


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Dec 5, 2017
It's been noticeable the last few days but it takes a few relogs before the chat actually works. I would log in 10 hours later and see there hasn't been a new message which is odd for my alliance. After a few relogs it would update and I would see there's 50 missed lines. The more common problem we are having is that the chat is completely utterly empty. Alliance members would make requests but because the chat is empty the requests just go into nothingness thus become deleted. I guess there are worse problems but to have to keep relogging many times just for that to work, pain. I tried updating game obviously and still here we are. I'm just waiting for the double chats to come back, that would be a trip.

Experiencing another issue regarding donations. Besides the annoying a.f. please wait, just regular donations aren't working properly. Donation multiple troops to gets me a message saying that person has received max troops already even though they didn't and it's not because someone else is donating. I'm the only person logged in yet that message pops up and I have to wait a while before it corrects itself. I know in the patch notes there was some fix so that multiple players didn't donate at same time but this isn't what's going on. All these little annoyances keep adding on more time to things that should be done quickly. Troop Request? Than I donate. That should be it. Not Oops they're full, oh no you know what maybe not hold on, ok now finish donating. It's the same with war bases. I get that full message a lot there.
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Sep 14, 2015
It's ok...

the chat was fixed a few months ago! Then about a year before that.... and numerous other times


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