Civilization nation reform


May 30, 2022
Lets make it clear that it is only suggestion and i love this game.

first, Chinese civilization already have one more citizens and mercenary. it needs more citizens on different stages of age. (may be in gunpowder age and information age.). Second, Spawn waves of defenders in town center which is gonna be game changer. (it will proper advantage on different nation.)

British increases loot stolen during attack is good. you can decrease 10% research time to research armory, library and university to have technological edge which anglo people have in real history. (now that's a advantage and player will likely to choose the nation.)

French automacally get allied requested troops which are two ages ahead of the current ages .

Germans nations looks goods. So, no change. ( they are robust nation.)

Greeks need instantly finish upgrade building and general under 10% to 20%. Also refunds part of upgrade costs and research university, armoury, and library in 10% or 15%.

Japanese nation spawn kamakazi ability in town center which make defender faster and 20 % damages to all incoming enemy in radius after it gets town center is below 20 % health. You can also retrieve the kamakazi ability from town center in every 24 hours to attack enemy bases which make your troops faster and self-destructive to the enemy building after getting killed but their health decrease about 10% to 20% percent.
( Use it at percent timing or else it would be disastrous to your army. They are ruthless defensive nation.)

koreans needs reduction of 1 citizens of every economic building upgrades. (craftmanship and engineering.)

Romans need 5% to 10% maximum army sizes. I have another idea for this nation. All troop space have reduce 25% space which means commandoes have 7 troop space and artillery have 8 troop space. Now think about the factory troops like apc which take 12 troop space. After 25%, it will take 9 troop space. ( it will more be dynamic.)

If you all players and commentors have any ideas please comment.

Thank you,

Player named Tentaken.
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