Nation update and rebalance ( practically crying out for a spice-up)

Dhruv patel

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Aug 27, 2017

20% refund on buildings
20% wonder effectiveness
20% building health
Wonders make wave of companion cavalry (2 +1 per age) go up per age

Unit: companion gets 50% damage and 30% more hitpoints


20% army size
20% barrack training time and general cooldown (less)
Tactic +1
Mercenaries have 20% more hp and damage.

unit: legion gets 30% hitpoints and 20% more damage


+2 citizens and +2 more in industrial age
garrisons spawn +1 defender per wave ( 5 over 4)

Town center a garrison spawning defenders ( determined by garrison highest level) and partisans are there once researched ( spawn 8 a wave once partisans researched otherwise 5 like other garrisons).

Mills and markets spawn waves of 4 chu ko nu +1every 2 ages and troop level determined by town center age.

unit: chu ko nu: fires twice as fast and gets 50% more health.


Town center: shoots at invaders (2 damage types 1 for ground troops and one for air. increase damage to cannon level damage for ground level and castle level damage for the air), increase range from 8 to 10 and shots can hurt commandos and other units with “ can’t be hurt/seen” by other buildings

Castle: acts as second town center for star ( gets road health bonus, spawns partisans and shots can hurt commandosand other units with “ can’t be hurt/seen” by other buildings shots suppress invaders)

tower shots suppress invaders and damage commandos and other units with “ can’t be hurt/seen” by other buildings.

* but stealth will bypasses this.

Unit: Bushi get 25% more Hitpoints and damage.


Resource refund: 20%
Blessings have 20% more power and duration
Town center large radius heals defenders (goes up per age)
Temple heals troops and spawns hwarang. Radius of 9.(4+1 every 2 garrison) ( Hwarang and healing level go up per age)

Unit: Hwarang have 50% more damage and heal themselves a little ( like shaolin monks)


20% more loot
20% less expedition time
town center generates trade goods one a day (3+1 per age

Unit: Longbowmen have 20% Hp and damage and +1 range.


6 alliance troop capacity +6 more in industrial age

+1 mercenary camp capacity

at enlightenment age town centre generates 3 NTG +1 per age per day

Unit: chevalier get 50% hitpoints and 30% damage


20% Teutonic fury
improve rally/duration
Gunpowder age town center is also a second vault ( subject to modifiers)

Unit: vandals get 30% damage and 20% more hitpoints.

What do you think?
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Oct 3, 2018
Nice looking good, but instead of 1 type of unit per nation, make it 2: 1 from barrack and 1 from factory ;)


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Aug 6, 2021
I hundred percent support the idea of nation rebalance and revamp. These attributes are wayyyy too much. But yes BHG needs to take notice of these and provide us something we'd be happy to eat


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Aug 6, 2021
I keep coming back to see this post because I want something like this to come to fruition
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