Crime Wars Community War Returns! Join DomiNations Prime to Get In On the Fun!


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Jul 13, 2015

Crime Wars!

Our first installation of Crime Wars was a hit, with 32 of 42 alliances matching in the event, succeeded by several follow-up matches!

It is time for our next installment!

A Mass 20v20 H2H War Search!

Why are we doing this?
• For fun (duh).

Who's invited?
• Everyone who can spin a 20v war search!

When do we need to be prepared to search?
• Saturday, May 30th at 0000 UTC.
• Friday, May 29th 8:00 PM US-Eastern.
• Saturday, May 30th 10:00 AM Sydney, Australia.

Tentative tiered war search schedule based off grouping, which Crime himself will decide prior to search (stay tuned!)!

Criteria info needed for optimal grouping:
• Approximate quantity of level 300+ bases.*
• Approximate quantity of level 250+ bases.*
• Alliance Glory (this info will be gathered by Optimus Crime).

Other stipulations?
• None, really... although...
• * DO notify Optimus Crime ASAP if number of 250/300+ level bases change.
• ESH preferred and encouraged, although we will not enforce this.
• Do NOT stop and restart the spin or you will risk NOT matching participating alliances. This was the fate of ~4 alliances in the first event installment.

Join us for the countdown on DomiNations Prime's Discord server:

You'll get your own fancy 20v20 tag and access to a super special room to discuss with other alliances leading up to the 20v20 mass search. This will allow you to get acquainted and build relations.

So join the server, tag @Mod and let them know you're on DNP for the fun.
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Jul 13, 2015
💥 Crime Wars V2 Will Descend Upon Us Soon! 💥

Our latest installment of Crime Wars is fast approaching this Saturday, May 30 at 0000UTC. This time we have a Mass 20v h2h War!

A spectacular 52 teams of 20 have already registered to participate this time around!! SIGN YOUR TEAM UP NOW and don’t be left watching the glorious battles from the sidelines.

Don’t think you can gather a measly 20 players amongst your alliance? Well, ditch ‘em for a few days, sign yourself up as a vicious Mercenary and join another team in this fateful event!

⚠️ Warning: if you miss this event you will be forever filled with sadness and plagued by regret; so JOIN RIGHT NOW!

Tag an `@Mod` on DomiNations Prime right this second to get added to the #crime-wars-v2 room now! Need some more deets, check out post above!