Did they reduce the 5 star loot rewards for multiplayer battles?


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Sep 18, 2015
As a CWA attacking Atomics, previously the reward for getting 5 stars was 2800 oil (and roughly 200k food/gold). Now that's been reduced: You get 840 oil for AA, 2800 only if you attack CWA (which is down from 6800 I think?).

Current rewards for CWA vs CWA: 2800 oil, 250k gold, 200 food
Current rewards for CWA vs Space: 8400, 750, 600
Current rewards for CWA vs AA: 840, 75, 60

We know the museum fragments were reduced, but I didn't think they reduced the loot bonuses. It stinks because with the troop rebalancing, factory troops are what many builds consist of. Now it only makes sense to attack high-oil bases to cover your losses. The oil loot bonus was really a great addition.

Please either confirm this is the new behavior (while I drink myself unconsciousness) or just a bug.


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Apr 14, 2016
the bonuses werent reduced, the targets have been moved.
its the same 8400 for attacking up, 2800 for attacking middle, 840 for attacking down. its just that the target ages have shifted by one. it was really to be expected. its still better than what atomics get, which is better than what globals get, which is better than what industrials get, etc.
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Sep 26, 2016
Yes, and the ratio of rewards received previously by CW players now apply to Space Age players.
840 for 2 down / 2400 for 1 down / 8400 for same.
Us CW's have had it good while it lasted. :D