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Oct 11, 2020

I have started the work on a volume of stories that take place in a fictional world inspired by the game Dominations.
The paper is called "Dominations in the future". The work below is a draft and is working in progress. Everytime I will finish a chapter I will let you know.

Below is the link to open and read it.

Please enjoy!

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All aspects of the story, including the characters and actions are simply fictional and any resemblance to reality is simply a coincidence.

Some defining aspects of the stories are and will be that they promote non-violence, resolving disputes through peaceful methods, fair play, promoting peace to the detriment of any type of conflict that involves violence.

The paper called "Dominations in the future" uses various elements, names, quotes, images, text, stories etc that belong to Nexon America Inc., Big Huge Games and their affiliates. The author tacitly requests the granting of the right to use the before mentioned under the pretext of promoting the final product, the game called Domimations. Also, the author will mention in the final notes the entities and their contact information to which the rights over the some elements used are protected by rights belong to the rightful authors.

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