Dominations twitch livestream summary, might not be accurate


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May 19, 2016
Dominations twitch livestream summary, might not be accurate:
-it was just audio and some slides, 30 minutes only,
1. Sixth anniversary is almost here
-I didn’t hear if we should expect another rush or just 6 events
-there will be 6 events
-if you buy all six passes you will get legendary six-shooter artifact
2. Library bookcases
-there is one more bookcase almost ready
-there will be many more bookcases
3. They mentioned some big changes for next years but don’t know what that mean?
4. They are working on some bugs:
-they mentioned they are aware of: APC bug, planes in loops bug, retrain bug
-looks like they will start working on bugs now so... ;)
-they plan to fix all old bugs to focus on current bugs ;)
5. Re-balance or add new nations
-they are planning on re-balance nations
-no new nations for now
-they want to focus on current nations
6. Navy component?
-they talk about it but it's hard for them so not for now
7. All stats in game
-they are working on it but something like stats updated on their forums or posts
-they didn’t show anything so it’s hard to understand what they are planning to do
-think something like stats to show how much damage certain troops will do ie. in wars
8. Future ages
-there will be ages that takes place in the future
-they will try realistic approach, so no lasers on dinosaurs ;)
9. Friday night fights wars
-signup to them
10. This very subjective summary was created by MartinMaxKing from Templars Reborn Alliance, thanks to GetOfMyLawn for help with it
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