DomiNations Update 11.3.1


Greetings Leaders,

Update 11.3.1 is rolling out now! This update features fixes for various network issues found around the Drone Command Building.

  • Defensive Drone Disconnect Issues
    • Fixed an issue where some players would experience a disconnect when selecting the opponent’s Offensive Drone in the info window of a replay. In this instance, when the Defending player did not have a Drone Command built the defending player would experience the disconnect.
    • Some players experienced disconnects with battles that included Defensive Drones, this issue has been addressed.

  • Counter-Intelligence
    • Fixed the issue where Counter-Intelligence wouldn’t remove or prevent sabotage

  • Upgrading Drone Command Causes Attackers to Crash in WW
    • Some Players experienced crashes specifically in WW when attacking a base that was upgrading Drone Command during Planning Phase leading into War Day. We believe that we’ve addressed this fix as it aligned with our current updates to correct Network Issues that arose from Drone Command in 11.3.1. We’re making further investigation to ensure that this has been removed entirely post the update.