DomiNations Update 12.1.2 - New Councilor Alcibiades

Greetings Leaders,

Our 12.1.2 update introduces the next upcoming Councilor, Alcibiades!

New Councilor - Alcibiades (Leader)
A charismatic and enigmatic figure in ancient Greece, Alcibiades was a prominent Athenian statesman and general who defected city-states three times during the Peloponnesian War era. Despite this controversy, his strategic brilliance and dynamic persona left a persistent mark on Athenian history, shaping the political landscape and military strategies of his time.

He will be available very soon, starting 1/15/24!


Catapult Damage +6%Catapult Damage +8%Catapult Damage +10%Catapult Damage +13%Catapult Damage +16%
Defensive Tower Damage +8%Defensive Tower Damage +10%Defensive Tower Damage +13%Defensive Tower Damage +16%
Redoubt Damage +9%Redoubt Damage +11%Redoubt Damage +14%
Air Defense Damage +9%Air Defense Damage +12%
Sniper Tower Damage +30%
Mercenary Damage +5%Mercenary Damage +7%Mercenary Damage +9%Mercenary Damage +12%Mercenary Damage +15
Mercenary Hitpoints +7%Mercenary Hitpoints +9%Mercenary Hitpoints +12%Mercenary Hitpoints +15
Ranged Siege Damage +12%Ranged Siege Damage +15%Ranged Siege Damage +20
Heavy Tank Hitpoints +9%Heavy Tank Hitpoints +12
Mercenary Damage & Hitpoints +15%

Additional Updates
  • The holidays have ended, and it’s time to take down our festive decor; snow and other winter art will be removed from the game.

DomiNations update 12.1.2 has begun rolling out now! Leaders will be able to install the update as soon as it populates for your region on both Android and iOS devices!
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Not sure whY BHG has resisted bringing out one which has invading mortar troop-invading attack helicopter lines. That is what defenders need.
When you say "Tower Damage" is this the same attribute as "Defensive Tower Damage" on a Councillor such as Red Cloud?
When you say "Tower Damage" is this the same attribute as "Defensive Tower Damage" on a Councillor such as Red Cloud?
That is correct, Tower Damage and Defensive Tower Damage are the same thing. To avoid confusion I'll update that in the notes. This will only affect the Archer Tower and its upgrades.
The council building has become something very interesting over time, especially with the addition of the committee and new councilors. It was also really cool to get rewards from milestones.
However, I believe that new committees and new landmarks are very desirable so that the council building does not become uninteresting.
It's great to see the constant addition of new advisors, but each time this happens I also realize that the search for legendary advisors, especially the most desirable ones, will take longer and longer. If at the beginning of the council we had something around 16 advisors, today there are 25. The search for the desired advisor through the 🎲 with the use of crowns has become less attractive, as with each new advisor, the chance of finding a desired advisor is lower.
Perhaps new committee updates and milestones will be important as well as making it easier to obtain higher level advisors through library research, laws in Parliament or university leaders. Increasing the percentage chances of a better quality advisor, reducing the number of mergers necessary to guarantee a better quality advisor would be the desired facilities.
Do we have any idea on a timeline for a university scholar and parliament add-ins for the manufactory? I would assume the plan is to play with wait times for production resources, amounts of resources mined with each wait time, maybe how many productions slots are available as a capstone, and maybe how many total munitions we can obtain.

The manufactory in my opinion has been a great addition so far. Would just like an idea on the update path going forward.
what id like a "where does it end" kindoff thing in the sense of the council and manufactory. like you plan to add x more councillers and x ammount of comittees and x ammount of future munitions.