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    Earlier today (4/12) World War Matchmaking was inaccessible, we apologize for this inconvenience. As of 1pm EST you can claim 250 Crowns and 5x 1h Speed Ups as compensation, this must be claimed within 5-days.

Every day I wake up


New member
Mar 12, 2022
And Burj is still busted, no effect, promises to fix it,
come and go and nothing changes. Day after day I wait slowly leveling and not embracing hermitage because I believed. I wake up at night with cold sweats, why did I do it, why did I... Waste all those crowns and reshape my base. For nothing but a cruel joke. Yea sure next patch, it'll be out soon guys just don't think about it!

Every other age is boosting past me at Lightspeed, my drone age manufactory is half the auto version, WHY? You put the level up the most ever, it's not just 40 levels it's exponential progression. By the time we get it. There will be some other way you push us down. The Devs create more stuff to do because THEY can't fix items that they already have been here... for YEARS.

This game is so saddening, the only reason your player base stays because of the false cost fallacy. Wasting our day watch ads as we face cheaters, bugs and now bhgs anchors to doom us.

I hope you don't have a very merry Xmas because I sure won't