Fixing your council climbing troubles:)

Apr 10, 2023
So, this is just for the ones, that are having a hard time gaining rarer council cards.
So, I'll make it simple, no rocket science involved. Save just your green, don't mess with the common, Unless, you need green. Green will earn you, green & blue, NO common. Blue will earn you, blue & purple. Purple will earn you, purple and orange, max out the council with Blue, sell them all(Not the ones you have equipped). you'll have a chance of receiving a purple card or two if you are lucky. If you are saving them up and selling just 15 cards at a time, you are probably gonna earn nothing, so just stack until you cannot. The council packs that you can buy in the shop, does not earn you rare cards faster. A premium & legendary stack is not based off rarities, it's based off the qaunity of the stack. So don't sink into the money grab, thinking you'll get a rare card from it. Because it's the same chance percentage, as any other card you receive, Weather it's a video ad, or the ones you earn in the council. You are not losing out buying stacks, but make sure! it's at the right price and don't buy them just to sell them, right there on the spot. Buy them and horde, until you can receive 50 cards back.
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