Forest Clearing Bug


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Aug 17, 2020
BHG announced they fixed the forest clearing bug. This is incorrect. I reported this 2-3 weeks ago and customer service sent a typical mail back saying they will look into it. i have not seen any update on it.

You can stil clear forest instantly with zero cost, zero citizens and zero time.

The steps to do this is as follows:
1. open chat in the left side.
2. move a building so it overlaps with any unaccessible space (shows red to indicate it can not be placed there).
3. view a replay of shared battle in chat. exit replay after loading.
4. building is now standing where there before was unopened land.

Downsides is there is zero xp gains, no animals, treasures or other stuff after clearing. Hopefully something will be done now that i am posting publically. Post text is copied and will be reposted if the post is removed as these things should not go unfixed.


BHG Community Manager
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May 6, 2022

We're aware and are investigating. Not every bug report necessarily will receive an immediate response, especially if there is as much detail as you've provided. If we need further information we'll absolutely respond accordingly and reach out if need be. It's also nice when/if other players share your experience they share that information on the thread as well, we still take notes and compile them if additional CS tickets come through echoing the same issue you might be experiencing. A lack of response doesn't mean the issue is ignored.

We did fix the initial forest clearing bug, but this one you're calling out is different than the previous one. The end result is the same, but the method is different so we're checking to see what else this might affect as well if anything.

As always thank you for bringing any anomalies and errors to our attention. It does help to gather a fix as quickly as possible.