Game crashes during battles


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Sep 22, 2019
I have been having this issue for a while. Thought maybe it was an iPad issue, but recently bought an IPad Air with 256 g of storage.

I ‘ve tried everything on the checklist from customer service and it still crashes:

-I close all apps.
-I even restart the ipad
-I have excellent wifi, but to be sure I tried it with cell service. Same result,.
-loads of storage space and memory

it is really frustrating to spend time and money on a broken game.

is it possible there is a glitch I’m my village? Anyone else have this as an ongoing issue.

customer service just keeps sending me the same checklist with some vague comments about working on IOS performance.


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Jul 17, 2020
I am guessing that I am getting bitten by your bug practically every day. I'm really surprised there aren't a thousand complaints here... surely I can't be the only person?

Just when a 5-star haul looks certain, the game crashes with a "comms error". I lose all the troops & tactics & general I've committed and all the combat blessings. I get whatever stars I've got at that point (which might be zero for a really weak opponent), but they don't count towards the timed quest. 😒 And of course I miss out on all the loot I would have got, and the 5-star diamond.

I'm certain it's not really a comms error. It happens on different Android devices, on different networks, where there's no problem with connectivity in other apps, and reconnecting in DomiNations isn't a problem. It seems to have started with the second to last game update. My guess is a divide by zero error in calculating something or other. When my chances get to 100%, the divide by zero happens.