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Game Victory Mechanism


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Jan 21, 2020
In the past, when both guilds completed all annihilations, the destruction rate would be 100%, and both sides would have the same number of stars. This led to a tie, and many players complained that it didn't add to the fun.

I think the reason for the complaints about the tie mechanism at that time was that the game's content couldn't achieve a good balance between "defense and offense." This resulted in players only needing to continuously develop attacking effects to obtain the best victory mechanism.

Therefore, the current victory judgment mechanism was introduced, but I believe it has serious flaws. Let me give an example:

If there are two teams, one with a higher average level, around 400, and another with an average of 350, it can be considered a disparity of one era for most players.

Without any surprises, the higher-level guild will undoubtedly get a full star. However, the lower-level guild, through "strategy and teamwork," can win the battle. I think this deserves respect and acknowledgment. Unfortunately, due to the team's disparity, they may have a longer time, leading to their defeat.

I believe such a victory mechanism is not worth acknowledging. Combining the elements of gaming and strategy, I think victory or defeat should not be determined solely by time. Because most higher-level players have shorter times, it devalues the evaluation of "strategy." Moreover, I "believe that lower-level players defeating higher-level opponents is even more deserving of recognition; they are the real winners."

I hope to modify the current victory mechanism. The defense side has undergone many changes, making it not as easily defeated as before. Therefore, I think the previous tie mechanism can still exist.

If the officials still believe that a tie is not a good approach, I would prefer to let lower-level guilds achieve victory. Because being able to defeat higher-level opponents is impressive, and victory should not be judged by time. Higher-level players already have the responsibility not to be defeated by lower levels, so I think letting lower-level guilds win is a good approach.

PS: I am a Chinese player, expressing my thoughts through translation. I hope everyone can understand. This modification is the result of discussions and suggestions with many Chinese player guilds.
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