Guild leaderboard needs to be changed


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May 10, 2022
The method of calculating ranking on the guild leaderboard should be changed.
Now, the top 10 players can score high and be ranked at the top with just 10 players.

In the first place, your intention that you can get a bigger score if the size of the World War is large has long disappeared.
If we play a big world war, we have to get a bigger honor score.
Since Cheating disappeared, large-scale wars such as the 30-member World War have disappeared and only small-scale World Wars are underway.
In order for the game to be more active, there must be more large-scale world wars.

And it is so unreasonable that the guild continues to be ranked on the leaderboard without doing World War.
If some guilds are inactive, lower the ranking immediately.

And I need motivation to be ranked on the leaderboard.
Finish it on a monthly basis and reward it according to the leaderboard ranking.

Or think about the way the tournament works. Now the World War method is too old and boring.
Just by looking at the matching opponent, we know whether our team will win or lose.

It's good to balance offense and defense, but change the way guilds play. That's how the game lasts.

Please think about it.


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May 17, 2018
it is just today that I was talking with a known member of the community about how used to this WW mode we are all. It is the same thing for so many years. We would all love to have something new. Like a game of risk maybe? Where territories change color and the team with the most territories at the end wins? Or a new WW mode with a 12h planning and 12 hour war day in a 5vs5?

As for the leaderboard.... Maybe it is time for the glory decay script once more?