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House Lannister Looking for Active Players / Will Entertain an Alliance


New member
Oct 19, 2021
House Lannister is looking for active players for increased wars and will also entertain a discussion for an alliance with another team to increase recruitment! We currently are about 1000 XO from Alliance level 12 and have a strong Parliament. You can reach us on our Discord Link below. We will welcome travelers as well as permanent players. Most of us have been playing since the beginning (6+ years) together so we are also great for new players. We currently have 30 active players!
Parliament Breakdown:
Building Speed Ups - Level 10
Library Speed Ups - Level 6
University Speed Ups - Level 4 (almost level 5)
Agricultural Spending - Level 6
Caravan Efficiency - Level 5
Crop Storage - Level 5
Currency Banks - Level 5
Improved Drilling - Level 2
Larger Wells - Level 1
Food Education Budget - Level 2
Gold Education Budget - Level 2
Gate Improvements - Level 6
Experienced Alliance - Level 5
Legal Contributions - Level 5
Legal Costs - Level 5
Allied Forces - Level 2 (almost level 3)