How Nexon and Cheaters both cheated me in the last event


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Dec 5, 2019
And why I’ll never spend another dime supporting the game. I’ll open with I am VIP 10, so I’ve spent a fair bit.

For most of the duration of the event I maintained global rank between 20-30, lowest i got was 17, despite battling obvious cheaters.

I am west coast time and would lose ground between 11pm and 6am, all event id drop 5k points. I kept a buffer at all times of 8k points, so at 6am I’d be ahead of rank 100 by 3k+.

All event I was reporting cheaters and on day two I watched one guy running two accounts holding position 1 & 3 disappear. The rest of the active event despite my reports and math demonstrating how scores and gains were impossible, no more folks were removed.

That should have been my indicator of what’s to come.

I maintained top 50 until day 8, where I struggled to hold to hold top 75, folks that were never on the top 100 board started posting 100k + scores and I was non stop reporting them. Still Nexon does nothing but assure me they will take care of the cheaters.

I blow 17k crowns padding my lead on rank 100 to 8k 11pm on the last night. I figured I would be close enough at 6am to gain 1k between 6am and 8am and I still had enough crowns to get me another 2k.

I figured 11k buffer would be enough to hold top 100.

I wake up at 6am with two hours left in the event 26k points behind 100 at rank 133.

At this point I’m pissed the cheaters are on overdrive and I see no point even trying to bridge 26k with two hours left.

I message support and they assure me they will handle the cheaters.

Around 11am I log in and see I’m rank 110, I’m thinking cool they are getting rid of cheaters but I see a ton left. This continues until 2pm and I’m rank 101.

I hold out hope and message support repeatedly that I have 5 cheaters in my group alone. They state they are taking care of the reported players.

This back and forth with support continues up to now.

The claim window closes and I m pissed

they still assure me they are investigating the cheaters, only now I’m screwed out of top 100. I message tinsoldier and hear nothing.

Two main issues
  1. Cheaters are Rampant
  2. Nexon only banned one or two players during the event and 30ish after the event ended.
Had the nexon banned the 30+ players before the event ended I had a 2k point Gap I could have easily covered. But they waited until it ended screwing me further.

From my estimates 75% of the top 100 were cheating

No way I lose 53 ranks and drop 29k points in 7 hours.

The 50+ players ahead of me would have had to farm almost 6m oil in 7 hours.

So I end the event global rank 101, all Nexon would have had to do is check oil and crown usage of the top 100, banned the cheaters training tanks with no oil or crowns.

How they handled this was terrible.

I am reaching out the the CEO of Nexon and BHG