Idea. single campaign.Daily/weekly preset bases and custom.


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May 30, 2022
Hi, i know I’m new to the forum, i been playing dominations now for a bit. I noticed after the the single campaign is over, it’s rather useless. Personally I thought it was fun to help try different techniques to take a base Down.

I think it would be cool when you finish it, instead of the single campaign ones that are there we can get daily and/or weekly event, where there are pre made bases( of course more advance and stronger to the ages that you are in), with bonuses such as tokens, resources, speed ups, Etc..I know we have the events that go on. This more like a 1 a day or one every 3 days or once a week or 3 bases a week. Try to take out this base. Get the prize one time and the base stays up until the next one.


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Apr 29, 2016
I agree, it would be good to have more campaign challenges. I proposed a competitive league idea a few years ago. Each week a base from each age would be chosen from actual bases, so no work required from BHG designing them, just the algo to pick them. Players would work their way through the bases, with prizes for the fastest time on each and total time for all of them. There would be a class for each age, so Iron Age players could still win something by being the best of their age. Replays would be available to everyone for the top attacks by class.