Ideas for APC, ranged siege, assault vehicle and heavy cavalry units


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Aug 6, 2021
Hello there, I had some ideas for the APC, ranged siege, assault vehicle and heavy cavalry ( in later ages ) that I felt like I should share.

APC : -continuously spawns 2 heavy infantry, 2 ranged infantry, 1 machine gun infantry and 1 bazooka per deployment
-at a time, the APC can have 8 heavy infantry, 8 ranged infantry, 4 machine gun infantry, and 4 bazookas only. To spawn more troops the existing troops must die to have them replaced
-first deployment time 5 seconds
-further deployment time 8 seconds
-level of troops spawned = level of troops upgraded in armory, ability to use higher/upgraded level troops upgraded from armory unlocks with higher/upgraded level of APC
-Troop space 25

Assault vehicle : I just feel like this should have a longer range, 4 maybe. And give it the ability to shoot over walls after it is upgraded to heavy assault vehicle and reduce its troop space to 10.

Ranged Siege : The range of this unit should be increased to 7 and its troop space should be reduced by 2.

Heavy Cavalry : Just give it immunity from anti tank guns for the first two shots and reduce its troop space to 8 through researches.

Reasons for suggesting these ideas : APC becomes a true infantry producing vehicle and the roles of ranged infantry is given value through this change, making the level of unit produced more complex will force players to upgrade other troops from the armory. The assault vehicle could use some buff so there's that. The Ranged siege and heavy cavalry buffs are there to strengthen their respective roles as artillery and damage soaker a little more while making them a little more plentiful, their buffs could come as a research in the library for the late ages. Anyways these are just my try of ideas to make these troops comeback in the late ages. Thanks for reading