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B like Big Bug

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Sep 25, 2019
Some alliances within the leaderboard (especially the Top 10) have not participated in more than 50 days and are still in a stable position, as the rest of the Alliances compete and score negative and positive points. This is a defect in the leaderboard. Interestingly, the players of these Alliances go with the help of some other Alliances, and this is not fair. If the leaderboard score is floating, the Alliances will have to be active and the players will only play in their Alliancesn. If it is returned to 20,000, all the Alliances will compete and the opponent's search system will be fairer. you can defined a new item for the lost score. For example, the Legendary Glory. And 10% of the points earned during the month that is lost will be added to the legendary cup. For example, anAlliance that has 23,000 Glory and loses 3,000 at the end of the season. Here, he gets the equivalent of 300 Legendary Glory, and from the start of the season, he starts the 20,000 Glory. However, no Alliance can stay on the board for months without participating in WW. Along with the weakness of the World War opponent system, which in addition to age weakness, It doesn't count the museum either, which has made it more unfair for the leader's high-profile unions to find an opponent.