Information Age v9.0 Update


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Jun 8, 2020
Greeting Leaders!
V9.0 Information Age update of DomiNations is coming soon!

In this update, we’re excited to introduce one of the most anticipated ages in DomiNations history; the Information Age! This long awaited age brings with it many upgrades, four brand new Wonders, the GCI Radar, new Library Techs, and more!

The Information Age
  • Advance your civilization to the next age of history to acquire new troop and building levels
  • Construct additional Claymore, Landmine, Air Defense, and Anti-Tank Gun buildings
  • 3 new Mercenaries; DRDO Pinaka (Ranged Cavalry), PMC (Merc Soldier), Type 99 Tank (Merc Heavy Tank)
GCI Radar
Fortify your base with the sleek new, lightning-fast GCI Radar trap
  • The GCI Radar is a new anti-air trap that summons an Interceptor Airplane to fire an air-to-air missile at an enemy aircraft unit when it enters within the detection radius of this trap.
New Wonders
This age comes with four new Wonders, each with its own unique benefits
  • Hermitage Museum
    • Generates a Museum Resource chest that can be collected every 6 hours
    • Unlocks a special Museum Exhibit in both the Main Hall and War Hall that allows you to equip an artifact of any type within them, including legendary artifacts.
  • Stadium Australia
    • Generates a National Trade Good chest that can be collected every 6 hours
    • Guarantees a x10 multiplier to your first Law Contribution per day
  • Taipei 101
    • Generates a chest once per day that contains a variety of item and currency rewards
    • Increases the Oil production rate per hour of all Oil Wells that are within a radius of this building by 20%
  • Burj Al Arab
    • Each house placed near this Wonder reduces the upgrade time of all buildings by 1%
    • Once per battle, Spawns Spec Ops Infantry units when an enemy ground unit enters within its detection radius
New Library Techs
  • Aerial Interception
    • Chapter 1: Increases Damage of GCI Radar Aircraft by 10%
    • Chapter 2: Increases Flight Speed of GCI Radar Aircraft by 35%
    • Chapter 3: Increases GCI Radar Limit by 1
    • Chapter 4: Increases Damage of GCI Radar Aircraft by 10%
    • Chapter 5: GCI Radar Cannot be Disabled by Satellites
  • Counter Offensive
    • Chapter 1: +10% Machine Gun Tower attack
    • Chapter 2: +10% Machine Gun attack
    • Chapter 3: Machine Gun Tower Suppresses Enemy Troops by 30%
    • Chapter 4: +10% Machine Gun hitpoints
    • Chapter 5: Machine Gun Tower Spawns 3 Machine Gun Units When Destroyed
  • Orders of Council
    • Chapter 1: Reduces Food and Gold Costs for Law Contributions by 15%
    • Chapter 2: Increases Chance of x10 Law Contribution Multiplier by 10%
    • Chapter 3: Increases Parliament health by 15%
    • Chapter 4: Reduces Oil Cost for Law Contributions by 10%
    • Chapter 5: Increases Chance of x20 Law Contribution Multiplier by 5%
  • Assault Battalion
    • Chapter 1: +10% Machine Gun attack
    • Chapter 2: +10% Paratrooper hitpoints
    • Chapter 3: Increases Hitpoints of Heavy Infantry Spawned by APC by 15%
    • Chapter 4: +10% Paratrooper damage
    • Chapter 5: +10% Commando Movement Speed
New Alliance Features
  • War Efforts is a new branch in the Alliance Laws; containing 6 Laws that focus on World War
New Alliance Levels Perks
Alliance Levels now include levels 16 through 20, with a unique perk included at each level.​
  • Level 16: Laying Plans
    • Reduces the cooldown of Rally during World War attacks by 10%.
  • Level 17: Soldiers of Fortune
    • Increases the damage and hitpoints of all Mercenary troops during World War attacks by 10%.
  • Level 18: Tactical Dispositions
    • Decreases the spawn time of Defenders when attacked during World War by 10%.
  • Level 19: Battle Cry
    • Generals gain 15% bonus attack speed while under the effect of Rally or Assault Rally.
      • This perk provides generals with this mechanic during both War and PvP.
  • Level 20: Cold War Age Promotion
    • Donated troops are automatically upgraded to Cold War Age if they’re below Cold War Age rank.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed an issue with the library tech Reconnaissance Aircraft: Chapter 2 that was incorrectly applying a movement speed buff to Fighters, Bombers and Transports
  • Improved Speedup Requests so messages are removed from Alliance Chat
  • Players will no longer disconnect when claiming Chicago Expedition
  • Fixed an issue in the Store where offers for Crowns were not displaying on some devices
  • Fixed an issue where loading bar would freeze when replacing a Wonder
  • Fixed several issues where Speedup icons appeared over buildings in Editor mode
  • Closed out an exploit where Helicopter troops could move off map to avoid damage
  • Other minor bug fixes, text updates and UI fixes

Edited on 9/25/2020 @3:00UTC: Corrected an error regarding Stadium Australia's NTG Chest and title
Edited on 9/25/2020 @5:15UTC: Included a bug fix that addressed incorrect speed buffs to planes
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Jun 10, 2020
Any update on the Donated troops missing issue. It's completely affecting the world war and multiplayer wars.


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Jan 12, 2016
Oyoyoy! Everything looks great! Though I was hoping for a higher upgrade time % for the Burj Al Arab Wonder... with 9 houses is 9%. Can we get to 10 at least? or 15? Just bargaining here...


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Aug 24, 2016
They might add another house in IA, making it 10%, and we don't know if Estate counts as a 'house'


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Aug 24, 2016
Can I ask about the line:

Chapter 5: Machine Gun Tower Spawns 3 Machine Gun Units When Destroyed

What's the level of machine gun scale off of? Is it highest level of upgraded troop in the armory? The level of the strongest machine gun tower? Or the level of the individual machine gun tower being destroyed?


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Sep 15, 2018
With MGU spawning troops as well as houses spawning troops commandos will be another troop to become obsolete. So I guess everyone will be using HT’s. So many choices :cool:

Dhruv patel

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Aug 27, 2017
Yes, they're gonna release sun tsu from the newsletter. Im more excited for that than this... When will that be released


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Jul 26, 2016
Dear BHG, its september 22, almost 3 weeks after your Information age announcement. I think its a great tuesday to roll it out. This year for IOS first. Oké? Have a great day at the office.


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Jun 4, 2015
Information Age TC upgrade costs 18.5mill gold (excluding any Catherine L3 research you may have done)


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Jun 4, 2015
I’m slightly miffed at the lack of publicity about the release of Information Age. Surely your Digital Age are your most loyal & valuable customers?
if they’ve spent money getting to level 300 by today, they’re likely to spend more. So are your Marketing Dept just taking that for granted, hence the lack of effort in generating multimedia content for us to enjoy?
Surely someone in Public Relations can inform us whether it will be a Roll-out Tuesday or not, so we can reallocate the 18.5mill 💰& 12 workers for another week?


is this thing on?
Apr 18, 2018
In software it's common to not officially announce specific release dates as something may change at the last minute (e.g., critical bug is found) ... this allows one to delay the release with fewer angry users... and no legal concerns.