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Iphone X, game wont start since last update.

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New member
Jul 15, 2019
Hello guys! I am new to Dominations forum, but this is my last hope. Since last game update came out, I was not able to update the game first. Then after a week still waiting for the update to show up, I decided to reinstall the game and it worked, on the first load it said there is a new version and do you want to update, I did update the game, but after the update it wont start at all. I tried all customer service suggested troubleshooting steps, nothing worked. In the end they said they notified someone about the issue and that I need to be patient. It was like 2 months ago, no one contacted me. Maybe someone have any suggestions how to fix this? Or maybe there is someone with the same issue? I am using Apple IPhone X.
Not open for further replies.