Is it possible to deal more appropriately with the players?

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Sep 25, 2019
Violation in the game is not liked by anyone. No one objects to the banning of wrong players, but it is welcomed. Although the support has a double attitude in this case, some people get a second chance once or twice with a serious violation, and some are immediately banned permanently with a minor violation. (Spender vs free players). I realized that for first time when for three months, I regularly reported two players who had more than a hundred workers on their bases, and the support did nothing. And they quickly reached the highest level. In this case, You can't complain either. They make a decision and there's no point in protesting.its ok too.
The point is that despite positive events in securing the game and fixing bugs, a number of players are still banned daily. They all receive the same text. (suspicious activity). Many of them are guilty of violations. They admit it or it is clear. But some of them do not have a suspicious point in their records, they don't recive a clear answer. This is really annoying. Both for the suspended player and for the alliance, which is defamed. If it is true that the support has given enough time to investigate, isn't it better to give a clear answer? Give to the players or more importantly Leave a message in the alliances players inbox that this player has been banned for some reason and alliance should act legally? In this forum, there are many posts that have gone unanswered. Just today, a post was missed that I realized belongs to alliance. I entered it yesterday to participate in ww few times (due to a problem in the game, our top alliance is not able to play at the moment, and I have temporarily transferred alt account to this alliance). A few hours after the start of the war, the only defensive player left the alliance, and we found out that Ban was permanent. In the alliance, which was inactive for a month due to the game crash, they were frustrated, they did not have much building or strength, and three weeks had passed since their last chat. I asked the leader to send a message to the support and ask the reason for his player's ban. He said that the support sometimes doesn't have the nerve, instead of answering you, it bans you. And this point is really correct, because as I said before, I saw a player who was banned because of a request to change his name. The leader of one of the most controversial alliances once explained how a bug in the game Caused Ban one of their players and after a week they accidentally realized that a mistake had happened. So at least send the reason for banning the players to the alliance fund so that the alliances don't disintegrate.its fairy for a player who play for 3-4-5-6 years.
If 5 players are banned every day and any players take your time 5 min ,it will be 25 minutes.not a lot aginst 4 years time of plaing of a players.
If more than this number are banned daily, then go ahead.The players will end soon.i hope.
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