More bugs


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Aug 16, 2015
Today, I collected 400k food, 200k gold and 1500 oil in one run. I only lost 1 tank and 5 riflemen. Immediately after the game said "Unable to connect..." even though my wifi was connected. It didn't even give the spinning loading logo as it used to before. After that, the game restarted and I didn't get any of that loot. As a bonus, all my soldiers disappeared as well. The recent update said even if we crash, we get to keep the loot, but that didn't happen. I trained all the troops and finally after waiting for 48 minutes, I did another attack. Got some decent 300k food again, but the same thing happened. Lost the loot, lost the troops.

I am f**king sick of these bugs. Every update brings out more and more bugs. The developers don't test their game at all, because if they did, the huge World War bug wouldn't have happened. Also, Dominations stores a lot of information client side, such as loot, troops, attacks,etc. They should switch to server side like Clash of Clans so crashes in the client side don't affect the gameplay and progression. As of now, I have decided to quit the game.