More even war matchup idea


Approved user
Jun 12, 2018
I would love to see a restriction in the war matchup algorithm that would mandate that the highest age base from each alliance in a war would have to be within one age of each other. For example, if the top age base was Space Age, the opposing alliance would have to have their highest age base be either Digital, Space or Cold War. This would prevent the inherent disadvantage of a much higher level player filling war bases and strongholds with troops that are just too much of a mismatch for the opposition.

In addition, I believe that the level restrictions to advance an age should be removed. If a player is willing to advance to the next age, they should be allowed to. My offense has been maxed for months but I still have 16 levels to go before I am allowed to advance. My resources are all maxed. The wars are the only thing that keeps me playing this game.