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More promotion/ranks besides Council & Co-Leader


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Sep 9, 2017
Can we pretty please with sugar on it, get more (in-alliance) ranks besides Council & Co-Leader? Pleeeeaaasssse?
It's quite a jump to go from Council then immediately next to
Co-Leader. Also it's too much power.
Once, I had a full alliance of 50. There was a person that I promoted, and was unaware that another Co-Leader promoted him while I was in looking at statistics,etc. So this person went from an Ally to a Co-Leader in less then 5 mins.
Looking back,I should of demoted him back down, but he seemed cool. He donated often & had a presence in the game, being online, chatting, etc.
A player was kicked because he didn't log-on for awhile, 15 days or something.. This kicked/removed player was apparently a friend or lover of the newly appointed Co-Leader because the newly promoted Co-Leader FREAKED OUT & KICKED EVERYONE he could out of my alliance!!!
The only people that survived the crazy Co-Leader's insanity were my 4 other Co-Leaders!!
I had people that were in my alliance for years... GONE. This freak-out-crazy newly appointed Co-Leader kicked out 45 other members!!! He kicked active, good people out, all types too
A couple of family alliance members (father & son/ father & daughter) members, people from other countries, all got kicked out because this guy had a melt-down!
I don't think I was ever so furious over a game...I was livid!
My wife suggested I delete the game because of how mad it made me. I was kind of surprised of how mad I got.
My Darling wife said: "honey, it's just a game, games are supposed to be fun, not fill you with murderous rage"
Anyways... That's the reason, I believe, there should be more ranks. Also, maybe have it where only Leaders can kick people? i But if more ranks are added then Co-Leaders can remove people also. Or maybe make it a 2 votes needed to remove a player(s)? But the power that Council gets to kick & promote is ....well maybe you can just add more ranks? Maybe just 2 more ranks in-between Co-Leader and Council? Or even just one more? 2 More would be awesome though. (Total of 4)
Sergeant (SGT)
General (you could even do Stars ie: 3 star General?)


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Mar 24, 2017
Basically, no matter how you break it down you have to have trusted people at some point. You can add levels, but the basic system isn't going to change - anyone at a higher level can kick anyone at a lower level. If the player shouldn't be able to kick certain people, make sure they are at the same level as those people or lower.

Our philosophy is pretty simple - only long term, communicative, and trusted players are co-leaders, and usually only if they are or have been involved in running wars in some way. I think we have 5 of those, and all of us communicate through discord as well.

Council is basically everyone else we would be very disappointed to see go. Great donators, active communicators, strong hitters in war. Active and invested in the alliance, but not starting wars.

Everyone else is an ally. A rogue council level person could kick them, but they would either come back or we could replace them relatively quickly. None of the council level players can kick each other. So it limits the damage. There is no way to limit the damage a co-leader can do.

I would like it if there was a separate tag for war leaders. Some way to make a council member a war leader who can start wars, without giving them more privileges to kick people. That would help with the trusted people issue, because then most players could be just council level without privileges to kick each other.

Technically, then we wouldn't really need co-leads at all. With the frequency that we have to kick people at the council level, basically never, the leader could just do it when necessary. So a flatter hierarchy than we have now.

No Angel

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May 1, 2017
I'd like to see some privileges based on donation stats though. So it's system-based, not promoted by the leaders. Probably Ministers? Or Majors :D


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Nov 25, 2015
What would they even do? But No Angel has the right idea, system based promotions.