Museum Loadout


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Dec 8, 2017
We welcome the Loadout feature added in Museum. However, the number of Loadout slots are 5 which is inadequate and most players will appreciate if you can expand it to 8 to fulfill all possible Loadout scenarios like:
1. Offensive artifacts Loadout,
2. Defensive artifacts Loadout,
3. Food from Farm gathering artifacts,
4. Gold gathering artifacts,
5. Oil gathering artifacts,
6. Vault collection related artifacts,
7.Gold from Mines gathering artifacts,
8. Fruit from Trees gathering artifacts

If this is released in any upcoming updates it will be of great help.

Also, I noticed there is a bug in Loadout, if I try to edit a Loadout ( let's say number 4 Loadout which I have Already created with all artifacts). Now if I try to change a artifacts by clicking edit button without Activating the Number 4 Loadout, then the app closes abruptly. Please look into this as well.

Thanks :)

King Crimson

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Apr 21, 2016
Really? 5 is inadequate?? You can't equip, for example, the one food AND gold artifact?
I'm surprised you'd bother with a separate food, gold, fruit trees and gold mining artifacts.
Five should be more than enough to most but to each his own ...