New ideas and features


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Dec 24, 2020
I have found some new features that could be cool to be in game:

1. Battleship
Since dawn of humanity, boats were important for travelling around the world for trading and war. The dock/shipyard could have another use than just for expeditions. We could train extra troops using rare resources, example: national trade goods. Those troops would come out from the dock/shipyard to battle. Should be available near gunpowder age or later.

1.5. Live action battleship
New mode of attacking using live action PvP battle in the river near the base. Using boats, exclusive marine troops and planes, the battles will be to the one who made the most damage on the enemy’s navy. (Just don’t want to copy CoC’s builder base)

2. Alliance market
A new economic building that lets you trade resources, troop tactics or leftovers in your inventory to your fellow allies. It can be an indestructible building, a building available in the shop or contributing to the parliament to unlock it. It can be OP for some players but there will be a limit to the amount we could trade. Example: 100,000 gold for 125,000 food or 3,000 oil. The more we upgrade this market, the better the resources we can get will go bigger. The choices in the shop: gold, food, oil, national/trade goods, troop tactics, crowns, mercenary recruits, idols, etc. The shop MUST be controlled by Pompus the Wise (Big Huge Games).

3. New kinds of animals and special farm building
For some new kinds of animals, there could be a bigger variety for terrestrial animals, but also adding some birds and fishes. For each nation, there could be an exclusive animal who has a small percentage to appear. That animal can give us a mix of many resources like gold and food at the same time. Example, the Chinese’s exclusive animal can be the panda. For the special farm building, it’s a farm let you keep some wild animals and put them in captivity. There will be a choice when hunting: hunt or keep. When hunting, the gold/food will have less value, but when you put them in the “zoo”, there value will increase. For one consequence, you have to feed the animal certain amount of food to keep the great value.

4. A new territory
At global or nuclear age, we will have a choice between choosing to conquer a new territory (island) near the base or having the protection of the United Nations (UN). The United Nations will provide you daily supplies of food, gold or oil in small amount for free. If you decide to create a colony on the new territory, you have to put investments, time and troubles to create a similar base to your original base. The colony won’t have an individual battles like in CoC. The colony will provide you supplies that is way more valuable than the one of the United Nations because of the hard work you put on the base. As a summary, the colony will just be a help to provide resources to the ones who play pacific and keep farming around.


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Sep 27, 2017
In China, killing a panda is a criminal offense - a prison for many years. But BHG will not implement all this for another reason :)