Occasional application freezes on Android since some weeks


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Jul 24, 2017
Since some weeks (probably about the time of the Cold War update) I get application freezes on a regular basis.
I'm playing on an up-to-date Android device.
Before that, the game was much more stable. I got a lost connection every couple of weeks, but I cannot remember that the whole application crashed.
Now I regularly have problems especially when starting up the application (black screen, freeze at loading screen, ...)
I then end all applications and restart the app. Most of the times I must do that multiple times until the application initialization is successful. In some cases, I even must reboot the device.

Today I got a freeze right after my world war hit and before the score screen would have been loaded. The 2 minutes timer didn’t count down but instead froze at 1:59. I waited and then send the application into background and allowed background activity. Luckily somehow the battle was persisted on server side such that I didn’t lose the attack. In the past, when the game just lost the connection, at that point in time, the attack was lost.
Anyhow, I lost the retrain option and the issue is leaving me with a bad feeling about what will happen at the next attack.

Multiplayer is smooth so far, so I assume it’s something specific with WW as well as a probably secondary issue with application start-up.

Please investigate. These kind of freezes and application crashes where not common until some weeks ago. Therefore, I think you must have introduced a change which made the app less stable.

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