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On the Issue of Attacking in Lower Ages


New member
Oct 29, 2016
I have recently began playing on a new account; this one is currently maxed Bronze Age, and I can't help but notice a large disparity in the different opponents I have had to face since I begun at 200 medals. Back then, it was Bronze Age base after Bronze Age base after Bronze Age base - appropriate considering my lowly status - but now, at 500 medals, it is very hard to find someone who is even worth attacking. I sometimes get people who leave their TC out but have resources protected, and are in higher ages than mine, so they are the only people I can attack.

I must also bring up the issue where many buildings become invisible and players who are anywhere between 30 to 70 in level appear to be Bronze Age - I can tell that many of their buildings are simply missing, I've even seen a house on top of barracks. No, Nexon, I'm not interested in fighting anyone whose text SAYS they are Bronze Age - I want to fight people who are ACTUALLY Bronze and Iron Age. This glitch is infuriating, as I suspect it is replacing those actual Bronze Age bases which I want to raid.

I don't understand how medals should play a part in it - a Bronze Age player should simply not have to go up against these people. It's not like I'm already spending tons of gold - oh wait, I am - on finding opponents. Lately I have tried to find people to attack, and have been forced to settle for bases which leave the TC exposed rather than actual lower age players. You know, the ones who are not ridiculously better than me? The ones who are gigantically higher than me in level?

Now, I suppose we're all sensible people here, so I'd hope not to see that "you don't need to care about medals in the lower ages"; perhaps I do feel like amassing medals right now, and nobody can tell me that is a wrong thing to do. We all play the game in different ways, for a common result; enjoyment. I don't know a single Bronze Age player who is interested in hitting your average Gunpowder or even Classical base, I don't even know how masochistic one would have to be to have an interest in doing such a thing. Medals do not need to have an effect on who you go up against, it should chiefly be your age, and that only if I had it my way. But I'm sure there's a fault with something I've proposed here, as what appears to be an obvious suggestion in my mind may not be another's ideal situation. I'm interested in hearing feedback on this, but I'd like Nexon to know there is simply no way that I can continue like this. Yes, I have 500 medals. But this should not mean anything when I go to find more opponents. Simply because I can defeat the typical Bronze Age noob base doesn't mean I'm actually a good player; my base itself is the best I could do in Bronze but still ridiculously easy even for people my age to five-star.