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Please fix the performance issues


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Jun 1, 2015
People want to leave our alliance because the game is just so laggy and it's a real shame because the update came out a while ago now (which introduced the lag) and I just think it's really bad not to make it a priority to fix it. Something like that should be fixed within days and not the many weeks it has actually been already with no fix in sight. I don't like to complain but when it reaches the point that players are leaving I think something needs to be said. Please try to address the performance issues as soon as possible. We like this game but the performance issues are sucking out the fun.


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Jul 27, 2019
+100, this game is becoming unplayable.

-in multiplayer, 10seconds between each opponent
-frequent crash, lag when usign tactics (sometimes 2seconds)
-on IOS Ipad Air inefficient memory management (load unload and reload, with mem leaks requiring to clear memory every two days on iOS)
-on bluestacks Android, laggy as well
-on Android Phone with a premium Snapdragon 845, almost ok, but battery drain and HUGE heat generation.

-the only way to gain ressources in multiplayer now is 5-star with tactics. Space Age bases are more and more tough to touch recently.

Not attractive for newcomers, and boresome for longtimers, since this game is all about wait :
-wait to train, wait to update defense and wait to play in MJ, and wait to play in WW, and wait to update WW museum, wait to get enough citizens to upgrade university and buildings at the same time.
-wait for really new content available for everyone (new troops are paid)
-newcomers need to begin at lvl 0, this game has already more than 3years... well, interesting, newcomers have to wait a long time to get excited in WW. Instant lvl 120 should be considered.

Add to this this huge contrast :
For a growing minority of players, it seems that they have solved the relativity formula, since they drop all-in forces every war, and every play in MJ.


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Dec 28, 2017
Every update makes this game worst, since 7.2 I am experiencing all what is listed in this thread:
- crash during war attacks, sometimes crash is caused by a dead airplane outside the map, other times simply crashes with no apparent reason.
- slow and laggy. Sometimes it takes seconds just to start dropping troops then when all troops are on the map and using AR everything freezes for seconds, no way to drop protection over troops, no way to even move the map, everything frozen, if troops are nearby some kind defense they simply die before you can do anything.

Now before war attacks you must first think from which side it is less likely to crash and where you can drop the troops without them dying immediately if game freezes.

This game is getting worse with every update and Nexon seems to concentrate only on making players spend more and more money.

Now Marco Polo twice a week, this is really too much.