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Dec 20, 2015
I am a leader of an alliance I’ve been playing for 7 years now and sitting at 267th level. About six months ago I had a fire in my apartment which destroyed my phone. In order to rectify this I re-downloaded the game and had to do the tutorial of course and create a new account. I still had my main account as a leader of my alliance saved under Facebook. Every time I logged on I would log on to my secondary account and then have to click on the Facebook icon to log on to my main account which was never a problem for the past five months.

However two days ago my Facebook icon stop working. It is saying I’m already logged onto the account. I have contacted customer support gave them my ID and pointed to the fact that I was a VIP member who got emails from them every month as a leader of my alliance even gave them my email address. They are not being responsive to helping me in this issue. They keep asking for receipts from past purchases which I haven’t had one for over two years because I play basically for free now and earn my way up the Old-fashioned way. I just don’t see the point of paying any more money to them when I first I can’t afford it and second I can do everything for free anyway now so whats the point? I really don’t understand why they can’t take my ID or the fact of verifying it through my email which is clearly present to who I am and that is my account.

Has anyone encountered this issue and if so how did you rectify it because it’s driving me absolutely mad right now. Please your assistance is helpful right now because I do not want to lose my leadership of an alliance I have built from the ground up in 30 days because customer can’t get off their backsides and help me rectify it. All they keep doing is asking me when was the last time I logged in what phone did I use etc. I answer these questions and then wait for a reply and they asked me the same questions again and again and again. Please help I’m tearing my hair out here over it


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