Provide 'Start Attack' button directly from view of enemy's WW base


Approved user
Nov 27, 2015
Before starting an attack in World War, players usually examine the enemy's WW base. However, after you have figured out an attack plan and want to start the battle, you have to go back to World War map first, from where you then select that base and start the attack.

It'd be much better if there would be a button provided directly from the view of the enemy's WW base, e.g. 'Start Attack', so that you don't have to switch back to the overview map of the WW. Because this step in-between is a bit distracting when you just have figured out an attack strategy in your head. And often it happens that people switch forth and back between overview map and the WW base they want to attack, because they want to reassure their strategy once more. Having a button to start the attack from view of enemy's WW base would be much more helpful and convenient.