Repeating issue: MP attack gives me complete destruction despite buildings remaining

Brent GDPR

New member
Jun 26, 2019
Over the past few months my enjoyment for this game has dramatically reduced because I have a recurring issue in multiplayer attacks:
The attack ends and it awards me 100% Complete Destruction even though there are buildings left (see pic 1).
The Results screen shows Complete Destruction but because the remaining building was a defence building (tower) I lose all my troops (pic 2).
this is hugely annoying because I have to wait before I can raid again and I lose many resources retraining troops that shouldn’t have needed retraining.

Ive contacted Customer service but all they give me is ninja cards and tell me to re-install game, connect to WiFi, blah blah. I did all that. It’s a game bug. And all they give me is ninjas? Ridiculous.

Please can someone help me escalate this issue to a real person that can make a difference rather than an automated canned response customer service rep?




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