River options


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Feb 6, 2020
I think it would be great to introduce a river leading from the sea right through your base. new twists that could provide:

amphibious units - assault dinghys full of marines? Scuba diving commandos? Landing craft/hovercraft

a navy (we have army and airforce why not navy?) - various ships that can bombard from the sea, smaller fast moving machine gun boats that could go up the river


More walls so that you could defend your river bank


drones that can buzz around and kamikaze in to boats

just an idea but it could open up lots of possibilities, thats just modern ages but there are lots of earlier age options also


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Aug 6, 2021
Hello, I also want a form of navy be present in the game. While the river idea is nice, I think adding a only sea map may be better for naval gameplay. Maybe they could add this concept to world war only where a naval battle at sea plays out. The sea battle will have its bonuses like, if the defender sea units aren't destroyed then defender marine units will land in the shores when the land battle begins. But if the attacker is able to eliminate the defender navy at the sea battle, then the attacker will be able to send in marine units to aid his attack. As age progresses maybe they can add naval barrage options and airforce attacking ships and boats at sea. Ofcourse they will get loot and other bonuses from attacking the enemy's navy at war. Its interesting actually, I really hope they do something about it.