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Complete overhaul

Caesars legion

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Jun 26, 2016
This is a list of things which I think would make the game much, much better. Nexon, PLEASE listen to these, and actually put them in the game.


The game would be SO MUCH BETTER if there was at least some aspect of ships involved in the game. You would unlock the Dock in the iron age, and you could build 2 types of ships:
  • Galley
Ranged Ship with a good balance between health and damage.
Range: infinity
Age: Iron
Ship space: 1
Training time: 15 min.
  • Trireme
slow moving transport ship.
deploys 5 hoplites anywhere on the coast.
Recharge time: 30 seconds.
Research cost: 60,000 food
Ship space: 2
Age: Iron
Training time: 25 min.
  • Heavy Galley
Replaces Galley
Age: Classical
All other statistics are the same. (Not health and damage)
  • Quadreme
Replaces trireme
Age: Classical
Deploys 6 phalanxes
All other statistics are the same. (Not health & damage)
  • Galleas
Replaces heavy galley
Age: medievil
All other statistics are the same. (Not health and damage)
  • Longboat
replaces quadreme
Age: Medievil
Deploys 6 pikemen
Deployment time -3 seconds
All other statistics are the same ( Not health an damage)
  • Frigate
Replaces the galleas
Age: Gunpowder
All other statistics are the same (not health and damage)
  • Caravel
replaces the longboat
Age: Gunpowder
Deploys 7 Halberdiers
All other statistics are the same (not HP and DPS)
  • Corsair
May plunder defeated ships for gold & trade goods
Age: Gunpowder
Range: infinity
+50% damage vs. Enemy ships.
  • Ironclad
replaces the frigate
Age: Enlightenment
  • transport Craft
Age: Enlightenment
Deploys 7 fuseliers
-3 seconds deploy time
  • Barbary Corsair
Replaces Corsair
Age: Enlightenment
  • Dreadnaught
Replaces Ironclad
Age: Industrial
  • Transport Ship
Replaces transport craft
Deploys 8 Shock Infantry
  • Submarine
shoots torpedoes. Good against enemy ships, however, it does very low damage vs. Buildings.
Age: Industrial
  • Battleship
Replaces the dreadnaught
Age: Global
  • Destroyer
Good against air, submarines, buildings, and enemy ships at close range. Has a machine gun on deck which is good against enemy troops.
  • Amphibious Assault Ship
Replaces transport ship
Deploys 9 Assault infantry
  • Aircraft Carrier
Carries 2 Biplanes
Age: Global

​​​2. TRADE
I think that it would improve the game by so much. Here's how it would work:
You could have "x" trade route slots (based on level of trade center) that you could use to buy, sell and barter for trade goods. This would require the building of the trade center, a building that is unlocked in the medievil age. The trade center could house three types of trade routes:
  • Land
  • Sea
  • Air
Land trade routes are trade routes that carry trade goods & national trade goods to the person who has offered to pay the most for the goods. However, land trade routes can only be sent to other players of the same in game nation. land trade routes take 24 hours to get to it's destination and back.


Sea trade routes work just like land trade routes, except the fact that you can trade with people of other nations, not just your own. However, it takes 2x as long as land trade routes.

The same as sea trade routes, but it is much quicker, but cannot hold as many trade goods.
Note: land & sea trade routes may be plundered, meaning that the plunderer will gain gold, but the player who sent it has the ability to share the revenge button with their entire alliance.

Not historical, but this feature would change the game. If you could revolt for 50 crowns every time you advance to a next age, that would make so many new possibilities for nations. This way, you are not either:
  • 1. Staying as the same nation forever. No doubt about it.
  • 2. $ Ka-Ching $
This just isn't the way it should be. This needs to be changed.

This is an awesome idea developed by several members (and me) which allows you to make a continent in a foreign land. You are then put inside a world map, featuring you, your colonies, and even a few enemy colonies. The enemy colonies and and base may be attacked. If you defeat an enemy colony, you steal it. However, it is somewhat destroyed by your raid. When you enter the gunpowder age, you can establish a colony and reap the rewards. All players that have colonies (or have ever had colonies) are put inside a map (not the same one. Only a few players are on the same one.) that will last 4 months. After that 4 months, the word will start over with new people. The game will try to match you up with people close to your level and age.
In the early ages of colonisation, (gunpowder, enlightenment, industrial) you must either:
  • 1. Establish a colony on the same continent. (In your current world map)
2. Send ships
To establish a colony in a foreign continent, you must train 5 settlers, and load them onto a ship.
To establish a colony on your own continent, you must train 3 settlers and send them on a journey.

4. Global Chat
This is not as big, but it would still be nice. Pleeeaaaassseee.

5. Sign up / Log in
This would improve the game SO much. I had a problem with this. The problem we're facing is:
​​​​​​​We can't get our game back. I tried customer service. Twice. And the Nexon M. Forums. It still didn't work. If you could sign in with your Nexon M. Account, it would make things so much easier, and I could get my game back!

6. More single player campaigns
I have thought of many new campaigns that would be neat and historical. I propose that they add:
  • ​​​​​​​Great Plains
Native American campaign focused on the Native culture, tribes, and villages. Classical / Medievil
  • ​​​​​​Steppe Conquest
Gunpowder age campaign focused on the Mongolian conquest of the 13th century.
  • Spirit of '76
Enlightenment age campaign featuring two options: to play as the British or Americans.
  • Korean War
​​​​​​​Global Age campaign focused on the Conflict in the Korean peninsula, and General McArthur's success.
7. Please listen to us
​​​​​​​We have great ideas. Please listen, Nexon.
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Jan 4, 2016
Navy is a feature I'm sure will be implemented in the future, most likely with a new age. Trade between alliance members is also a highly requested feature.


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Feb 24, 2016
Cool idea. If this gets implemented. I'm just gonna buy a new device and start anew. Just to get the feeling.

Caesars legion

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Jun 26, 2016
Thank you. Some of those ideas were from other people, who developed the original idea, but I came up with the rest.