Roads and speedups


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Oct 13, 2017
Not that this is a major issue, but it seems there are some bugs with roads and speedups.

when upgrading a road, it does not allow you to use speedups to quicken the pace. The only time you are allowed to use speedups on a road is when your alliance building speedup is available. Then you can tap the speedup icon above the road and it allows use of speedups with the exception of the alliance speedups. Alliance speedups cannot be used on roads.

I discovered this as I wanted to time my citizens to free up on Monday for summer of ages rush and discount and the only sub 10 day upgrades were either roads or farms and caravans left in my base.

edit: I just checked and you can get to the speedup screen via the little button on the bottom right next to the build button and the speedup tab. You cannot however use alliance build speedups on roads.
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