ROADS [explanation please]


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Apr 3, 2015
I don't really understand how should I use roads and how to connect buildings using them.
So if someone could explain that in few sentences please :)


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Apr 5, 2015
The roads are just basically a gold generator where you are constantly but slowly making money. In order to do this you can do the following:
1.) Open map editor (looks like a + sign on the right hand side of the screen)
2.) Pick up all structures
3.) First things first place your town center
4.) Then place your roads.

At this point in time you are earning gold from the roads. You can click on the road and the parts that highlight are the parts that are making you gold. Lets just say for explaining purposes your road at this point in time is making a maximum of 100 gold per hour.

5.) Next place building right next to the road as if they were touching

Now lets say you placed one building that is touching the road, that building will increase the gold made by 10%. Each building you place touching the road will increase the gold made by 10%. For example if only 1 building touches the road and normally you make 100 an hour now you will make 110 an hour in total due to the building touching the road. Now if you put 10 building touching the road, you will earn 200 gold an hour. Each building touching the road increases the gold made by 10% each.

Honestly in my opinion, the road system will not be very helpful for you to make the gold as most of your resources will be coming in from the raiding that you will do on other players. This is not something huge you should be worried about but i explained it to the best of my ability just in case you would like to know.