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ROMANIA2018*0SH cheaters


Approved user
Jul 26, 2016
We had Romania 2017 on this forum as cheaters. Now Romania 2018. Our alliance is almost 4 years old. More than half our players are Far over level 220.From 49 friends we went down to 35 now. Nobody wants to play worldwar anymore. Romania 2018 had max 5 stars with every attaque today. Even their number 7 against our number 3 had 5 stars without losing troops. Just a few. Of the 10 worldwars, at least 2 or 3 are cheaters or 5 or 6 of them are to strong. We will stop playing worldwar with our great alliance. Next problem; everybody is bored with this once great game. All we, over level 220 level players are doing is leveling walls and waiting for up to 15 days for a single building is updated. Just me and 2 other players are waiting for Space age. The rest dont even care anymore. Ofcourse, nobody is spending a single euro anymore. Please take action, As you promised in november 2018. Nothing, but absolutely nothing positve has happened. Kind regards.