Several game ideas


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Nov 21, 2019
To whom it may concern (hopefully Nexon),

*A fair warning this is a long post with several game ideas. I have been a long-time player and I enjoy the foundation that is here. I am a designer and marketer by profession, and I would love to consult to Nexon with more ideas and research. I have not had success reaching out to people within the company so, I would rather have the new changes for players as opposed to being greedy about my ideas.*

So here is my handful of ideas that could improve the game from my initial brainstorm.

WW 2.0
The map in the WW just randomly populates players across the map with no relationship to the alliance. This new WW would group your players together in a specific region. Each region would have specific bonuses and possibly weaknesses (Would challenge players to try different combos and work more collaborative). Players surrounded by other players (behind the front lines) would receive bonus defense unless the front line has been conquered, the defense bonus would be removed. This would challenge alliances to be strategic on who is attacked first. The number of player attacks could be distributed by leaders and co leaders, but certain roles in the alliance would be guaranteed a certain number of attacks such as leaders and co leaders. This would allow alliances to use some player bases as defense and allocate their attacks to active players/key offensive players. This could be a separate WW type that alliances can opt into or run as a special event occasionally.

Single Player Expansion
I know this is always a big topic for some players because they just want more content to explore but an expansion to the single player could train players on units they would not regularly use. Like RTS games that help train you on units as you progress through the story, the expansion could have missions that focus on a single unit or start with a single unit but expand to include others once the benefits of the focus unit have been established. This would leverage the amazing collection of regular and specialized units that Dominations is known for and has built over time.

One incentive for players could be unit boosts or even special base colors/monuments if they complete difficult player challenges within these missions. Also, the missions could be focused on historical events through out history that highlighted these units. For example, showing the power of the cannon or tank during WWI, Genghis Khan with his Calvary, commandos in WWII, or more modern examples with iconic significance.

One last incentive could be by completing a list of challenges is unlocking a sandbox for units. This would be an opportunity to select and test any unit in a controlled situation, like a friendly alliance challenge, no stars or loot is rewarded but allows players opportunities to test and play.

Alliance Efforts
The alliance system works well to donate troops back and forth and communicate. Can the alliance begin earning points for WW and other alliance based activities? These points could go towards a collaborative effort such as an alliance stronghold, a special alliance unit that starts as a base unit with special attributes purchased with alliance points, or to purchase alliance base visual enhancements such as alliance flags for player buildings or base theme skins.

Hope these ideas can help Dominations continue to grow over the coming years. It has a depth of history and variety in special units that many games lack.


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Jul 30, 2015
great, but I honestly would like to see some more simple upgrades such as my post Alliance 2.0 in which I asked to be able as alliance to post some player requests...this will allow alliance to grow bringing new people to ww