Single-click chest fulfilment

Antonius Rift

Approved user
Mar 19, 2019
I'd really like to reduce the number of clicks (i.e. finger taps) it takes to do the 'daily 'housekeeping' in the game.

My suggestions:

Simplify the functionality of the daily Councilor Pack (presently: click 'Claim' to open all four rewards in a single view, then click 'Skip' to retrieve all, then a few more clicks to close the window); suggestion is to remove all redundant clicks and instead provide a single 'Accept' button to retrieve all items and close the dialog window.

Copy this for all Daily Chests, Inventory Chests, etc. (regardless of whether on main game scene or in inventory). The functionality would be something like this: click 'Open' on any chest to display all contents in a single view (like they do in the Councillor pack), then an 'Accept' button to accept all items and close the dialog.

Ditto for anything else that takes 4+ clicks when 1 or 2 clicks should be enough.