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Some Bonuses / Reward after battle

Mustafa Hwarang

Approved user
Jan 6, 2015
If We destroy reasource buildings we recive a reasource bonus, if we destroy all defensive buildings, all surviving tropps returns home, but i think that there should be more bonuses :) like if we destroy the baracks we should get like a timer that counts down from 30 minutes or somthing. And that timer should allow us to train troops faster / make them stronger. Once the timer hits 0. The blessing / effect should wear off! If we attack the citizens homes, we could get extra sitizens we could use for hunting during the count down from 20 minutes / 10 minutes ect. If we destroy the library / blacksmith we can upgrade with less amount of reasource / time. If we destroy the dock (I Know, we cant now, but..), we could get a higher next bonus. If we attack the Wonderes, We should ger Crowns as reward :)