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SP Battle Performance and Scaling Subsequent Attempts


Approved user
Dec 9, 2014
One of the persistent and annoying aspects of play for me presently is when it comes to Single Player combat against the AI. That is, in order to claim the Crown prize for completing conquest of a region, I must obtain a five star rating in all instances... and if I don't, then I must battle again as though I hadn't before. Of course, this means playing for less or -- as is often the case for me -- no loot as I had cleared it all out before.

Now, I'm not suggesting that I should be able to loot 'again' as it were -- no, rather that subsequent battles scale relative to the performance of the first or at least most previous starred performance. As an added incentive, time sensitivity could be added to be able to take advantage of such battle reduction (e.g. 24 hours from conclusion of last combat) would be welcome. It would also be realistic, but that would be incidental :D rather than purposeful.