Template for Council and Museum


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May 6, 2022
For the Base, we can have 6 different types of layout, what about make the Council and Museum have same feature that can save different kind of combinations of artifacts as well as councilors, because right now, we can change it whatever we like, but only one by one, it will be better to have slot to saves different combinations
There is currently work underway for implementing museum loadout in a future update! We'll have more information coming to you and everyone else soon!


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Jun 17, 2015
Voor de basis kunnen we 6 verschillende soorten lay-outs hebben, hoe zit het met het maken van de Raad en het Museum met dezelfde functie die verschillende soorten combinaties van artefacten enc-ouncilors kan opslaan, want op dit moment kunnen we het veranderen wat we willen, maar slechts één voor één, het is beter om een slot te hebben om verschillende combinaties op te slaan

This is exactly what I thought too!

This works ideally in the museum. If possible, I would like to do something similar for Council & Manufacturing.

Specially for manufacturing. I now switch and slide the Munitions there after every war
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