The Art of War


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Apr 21, 2015
Here you’ll find resources on how to level up your play experience.

Have you written a guide or come across a powerful build composition? Compare Battle Strategies, theory craft, and plan out upgrade paths.

Some notable resources:

The Secret - A complete guide to planning & strategizing your nation’s world domination.
If you’re new to World War, check out The Secret, a phenomenal community-built guide on how to best prepare yourself to be that critical edge for your alliance. This guide goes over everything from planning, War Map, Loot distribution, and some essentials you’ll need when tackling a war!

Dominations Wiki
Seeking specific information about units, Legendary Artifacts, and stats to plan your upgrading path. The DomiNations wiki has the information you need at a moment's notice!

Our FAQ has plenty of specific information that you can utilize should you have any questions.