The command post needs to be/do more

Dhruv patel

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Aug 27, 2017
For some reason people don’t upgrade the command post up to a certain age. Aside from war loot capacity and the 1 off wave it soo lame and useless (and that annoying pop up saying loot is here I get it now go away)

This building is oozing with potential and this is what I think it can do.

1. Continuously spawns unique troops from it like a garrison

2. Have a way to shoot at attackers. Don’t know what type it could be though ( admiral Yi turtle ship style once in the white radius shoots dealing splash damage, strong single target damage like cannon or mixed that can shoot air and ground like tower or shorter ranged like redoubt and this can have a yellow radius). From the brackets you could configure the damage type.

3. For resources can confer a type of aura from the building radius ( healing troops, faster troop spawning, harder hitting or tougher buildings, tougher defenders or detect commandos etc)

Number 3 is there cause it’s a command post and should confer a type of command.

A follow up from my stronghold post
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