My take on a Stronghold upgrade/rebalance

Dhruv patel

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Aug 27, 2017
The stronghold should have the following

1. The tower (gold dome) has a cannon for targeting cavalry. Good for Iron Age where heavy cavalry are unopposed till the classical age.

2. The cannon for splash damage to infantry and range infantry.

I’d like 2 damage types like the super tanks hence splash and strong single target damage.

3. Garrison function that spawns unique troops on defence (10 second for first wave and 25 for others)
6 heavy infantry if Japan,Rome or Germans
4 ranged infantry if British, Korean or Chinese
3 heavy cavalry if French or Greek.

It is called a stronghold not glorified mortar.

all go up per upgrade but troop level goes up per command post upgrade cause it upgrades every 2 ages.

But what I want the most is for donated world war tactics to go away ( there are posts and replies about my stance on it)

Thanks for reading.
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